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Experiments in Caffeine: Four Barrel Will Eschew WiFi

On the day of Starbucks' non-massive promotion, we thought it only appropriate to check in with the independent side of the caffeine races, and coincidentally, 7x7's Bites + Bites has some nice updates from Four Barrel Coffee, the (next) "serious" coffee joint opening soon in the upper Mission. Already a plywood vet, Four Barrel is headed by Jeremy Tooker, ere of Ritual down the street, but according to 7x7, it won't be a knockoff: "For one, Tooker is adamant that the cafe won't have WiFi—something, he admits, they felt they 'had to do' in order to bring customers into Ritual." Now, Blue Bottle Cafe has no WiFi (though Mint Plaza does), but a) it's Blue Bottle and b) the space is a tiny one anyway, especially compared to Four Barrel's sizable 3,000 foot-space, so Tooker's rolling the dice on the no-WiFi policy, especially considering the rise of cafe capitalism.
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