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EaterWire: Hi Dive Expands, Prana Launches Record Label

EMBARCADERO—Plopped almost directly underneath the Bay Bridge on Pier 28 1/2, dive bar and occasional eatery Hi Dive will be tacking on a patio area on the north side of the building (i.e., the one facing the bridge). The red tape is just about tackled, so construction should begin shortly. The patio will add 30 seats to Hi Dive, which we're thinking will effectively double the size of the place. Kuletoville, look out. [EaterWire]

SOMA—Zen Compound, the uber-green company behind next-door neighbors Prana and Temple on Howard Street, continues to build a mini-empire, as they have now launched a record label centered around their restaurant and local coffeehouses: "In a press release promising 'cutting edge electronic music,' Zen Compound mapped out plans to spread the new tunes through its various venues, and to also offer its soundtracks to 'local art galleries, yoga studios and coffeehouses.' Its first release, Prana Vol. 1, sounds a bit hippie dippie in concept ... It 'reflects the variety of cultural influences the restaurant's globally-inspired cuisine embraces.'" [ASD]

NOE VALLEY—Restaurateur/chef/blogger Brett Emerson has been quiet on the interwebs lately, what with building a restaurant in Noe Valley and all, but he returns for a moment to share the current ETA of Contigo: "I'm so excited by the whole process and feel so unbelievably fortunate to be fulfilling my dreams, but every so often it feels overwhelming. Thanks. Here goes, then. The answer to the question I'm asked daily: when will Contigo open? JULY! I know, that is soon, isn't it? Just 3 short months away." [IPOS]

DEPARTMENT OF RUINING YOUR KID'S LIFE—And now, coming to you from the brilliant marketing minds of America, we're delighted to bring you this promotion: "Vlasic Pickles—you know, the one represented by the stork channeling Grouch Marx—is holding a contest to find a May-born baby to become its official Vlasic Stork Baby of 2008. In addition, if the parents decide to give their child the middle name 'Crunch,' they get a $25,000 savings bond." [Epi Log]

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