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Yelp Wanted: Jeremy S. Will Ban Your Ass

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Just because the great Amy Blair now stops by on a regular basis to provide us with The Week in Yelp does not mean we've retired Yelp Wanted, our occasional investigation into the many shortcomings and nuances of the Yelp empire. Plenty of folks have issues with Yelp, and we're among the ranks that believe there's more than meets the eye with this local phenomenon of ours. As always, feel free to share your thoughts.

2006_04_helpwanted.jpgHave you ever wondered how Yelp CEO/demigod Jeremy Stoppelman maintains that warm, fuzzy feeling in the cultish Yelp community? The answer is quite simple: he bans the rabble rousers:

I recently wrote a "2 star review" on Yelp. I posted a link called "Pay Per Yelp" on it - it's an interesting read. Later I got an email from Jeremy Stoppleman [sic] defending himself. I wrote him back asking if it was true that he had hired someone from the Houston Yelp team because of the fake reviews (she copied and pasted from Zagat Reviews - I know - SCANDALOUS!). He didn't reply.

He closed my account.

Oh, but it gets better.

More from our once-loyal, now-banned Yelper:

If that's not a wuss, then I don't know what is. Criticize much Jeremy? What's Yelp's motto? "Real People, Real Reviews" - Yeah RIGHT! I write a REAL review and you shut my account down! Meh. You suck ass and it's battle time as I write this post.
At this point, the post starts to—errr, continues to—degenerate into adolescent personal attacks, ways to "sabotage" Yelp, some weird Freudian love-hate for Jeremy and other eyeroll-inducing sour grapes (all fascinating, to be sure, but not for our purposes here).

In the end, it seems that the only thing more entertaining than a crazy Yelper might be a crazy Yelper scorned, but still, banning the dissenters, J-Stop? That's a bit Chowhound-ish, no?
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