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Plywood Report Special Edition: Spotlight on Yerba Buena

The next generation of restaurants and bars is chronicled in the Plywood Report. Spot something astir in your neighborhood? You know what to do.

Along with Mint Plaza and to a lesser extent, Ghirardelli Square, the next big restaurant cluster will be found at Yerba Buena Lane. Beard Papa, Coffee Bean and Schoggi have all already opened on the fringes of the pedestrian walkway, but four bigger projects are still en route. Later this month, Press Club, the subterranean 9000 square-foot "tasting room" experiment that we took a look at back in December, will be the first big project to open.

Press Club will be followed by the first San Francisco location of Amber India, the South Bay upscale Indian mini-chain that notched a spot on the Bauer 100. Original ETAs had Amber India opening months ago, but now the date for the double-tiered space is the third week of May "for sure." Even farther out—and still sans any signage—is a 1500 square-foot Mexican bistro called Tropisueno, and finally, slated for 2009 is an unnamed 6000 square-foot steakhouse designed by Olle Lundberg (Slanted Door). Complete photo summary in the gallery above.
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