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Palmetto Shutter Coda

2008_04_palmetto%282%29.jpgThe Inside Scoop has more details on the imminent closure of Union Street's Palmetto, and it goes to show you that not even that 4% health care surcharge can save a restaurant from meeting its untimely end: "The closing is due to a perfect storm of events, says Michael Levine, a managing partner of Palmetto and its sibling, the original Home (2100 Market, at Church). Foremost, says Levine, is that chef Andy Kitko, around whose Mediterranean menu the restaurant was focused, left on March 31, bound for Washington, D.C. Another reason was the size of the combined staffs of Palmetto and Home. Management was looking to trim costs, which included meeting the new San Francisco employer health care mandate. With 80-plus employees, the financial obligations were too great." [Scoop]