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Keller Dispatch: Bouchon Outhouses Spark Open Letter

Remember back a few weeks ago, when our Napa correspondent shed light on "some highly dubious port-o-potty placement" at Bouchon? If you'll recall, several commenters went on record to say that despite the seemingly-questionable, remodel-induced toilet situation at Thomas Keller's bistro (more on the renovations here), the temporary toilets there are nothing short of Keller quality. Exact quote: "the French Laundry of porto-potties!" Now we have word that not everyone thinks "an outhouse" to be an appropriate toilet for a restaurant of Bouchon's caliber, and well, some people are just getting plain pissy with His Highness:

Excerpted from Chowhound:

Dear Thomas Keller,

Please close Bouchon while you undergo renovations in the kitchen ... I am a big fan of yours Mr. Keller, having enjoyed the best meal on my life at Per Se even though it costed me an arm and a leg. I'm a cook, and The French Laundry cookbook is one of my favorites. So I'm sure you could understand that I was excited to eat at Bouchon. I understand closing for a week or so during renovations costs money, but your reputation is at stake. As I went to the bathroom in the temporary outhouse of a men's room next to Bouchon after the meal, I wondered to myself how customers would react if they had to relieve themselves in an outhouse next to The French Laundry down the street.

Bouchon is still slated to close temporarily on April 21st. Until then, we encourage Napa readers/visitors to send along photos of the (immaculate?) interior of these infamous toilets.
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[Photo courtesy: Flickr/niallkennedy]