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Canvassing the Masses

Two days ago, Michael Ruhlman announced on his blog that he is writing an article about upcoming food trends for a "prominent cooking magazine." As of 11:30am today, he had over one hundred suggestions from his eager foodie readers. Will he find the signal in the noise? Here is a sampling of the reader ideas: "I think a nut revival, more uses of the many varieties of nuts out in the kitchen", "Foraging", "I agree with the person who said lard", "Urine salt... ugh... yeah, why not", "Cancer", "And chia seeds as an ingredient ... I think they could be the next pomegranate.", "As EVOO is now part of the general vernacular, lard will soon follow." "Crock pots, lots of crock pots", "Farm-raised elk", "Vitamin D. It's the new health scare." [Ruhlman via Eater]