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The "New" Starbucks

2008_04_sbux.jpgYesterday, Starbucks debuted a new roast—and a new logo—and some local bloggers were there to experience the publicity stunt, to their dismay: "'Are your shoelaces tied tight?' the barista asked. 'huh?' I answered, 'cause this new blend is gonna knock your socks off' he chirped as he tossed a paper cup in the air with a repellant flourish ... This brew was so weak that we could have worn greased loafers that were 10 sizes too big during an earthquake as we were doing backflips and we would have remained firmly shod. It tasted like a beverage that was formulated by a committee that was more concerned about not alienating a coffee drinker than delighting one. It had no trace of bitterness and was low in acidity with the retro feel of freshly brewed, percolated, canned coffee. I would be shocked if new roast re-energized their brand." [Daily Feed]