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EaterWire: Anchor & Hope Gets Booze, Another Local Robbery, Even More Froyo in the FiDi

SOMA—The alcohol is officially flowing at Anchor & Hope, which finally got its liquor license about a week after it opened. The lack of booze hasn't deterred the crowds though, and a heat check tonight reveals that walk-ins aside, the only available resy is after 9:30. In other words, out of the gate, Anchor & Hope is following in the Town Hall/Salt House footsteps. [EaterWire]

BERNAL HEIGHTS—It hasn't gotten a lot of publicity, but Beretta isn't the only local eatery to get robbed at gunpoint this week, as Bernal Heights was struck a day before the Mission resto: "One day earlier, another armed robber, who looked to be about 20 years old, burst into a Martha & Bros. on Cortland Avenue at 5:37 a.m., Gittens said. Two male patrons and two employees were ordered on the ground while a female employee was forced to give the robber money from the till. Nobody was hurt in either of the incidents." [SFE]

FINANCIAL DISTRICTEven more froyo is on the way downtown, with SF-Lunch reporting that Rincon Center's yoCup will be opening a second location "in late June on 3rd St and New Montgomery," which might be difficult since those streets don't intersect, but you get the general idea. [SF-Lunch]

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