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World Famous Chef Misspells Name, Still Unknown

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Following our inquiries regarding the nature of upcoming Fillmore restaurant Bruno's and its unknown world famous chef Claudius Oliveira, a sharp eyed Western Addition denizen dropped us a note from a recent neighborhood board meeting. One of the agenda items: "Item d. Introduction of Bruno's Italian Cuisine restaurant to be located at 1395 Fillmore Street. Presenters: Claudius Oliviera." That's Oliviera, not Oliveira? Now that another (mis?)spelling has been thrown into the mix, let's dig a little more.

We also have word that there's a Bruno's Italian Cuisine in Livermore that is owned by one Fernando Oliveira, which would seem to put the mystery at rest, except for the fact that Livermore Bruno's insisted that they know nothing of San Francisco Bruno's (and even asked for the address). A simple expansion? Family feud? World=Alameda County? Consider this plot thickened.
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