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EaterWire: Gastrosteak For Mint Plaza, Alimento Intel

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MINT PLAZA—Three out of the four restaurant spaces in Mint Plaza are now accounted for, as onetime Bong Su GM Peter Greerty has signed a lease at 418 Jessie for something he's calling a "gastro-steakhouse": "The name, and chef, are currently undecided, but look for more details in the coming months since the project is slated to open in late November or early December ... There will be 120 seats total, with 30–40 outside, and 90 inside." We encourage anyone to explain the difference between a gastro-steakhouse and steakhouse, because the way things move down in Mint Plaza, we could be looking at a lot of gastro-steakhouse waiting. [Lady Hopstress]

NORTH BEACH—We touched on the arrival of Alimento a few weeks ago in the Plywood Report, and now we finally have more details from Columbus and Green. As suspected from the failed efforts of Vino Divino to get a liquor license, it won't go for one either. It will be a gourmet market, with Italian imported goods and the like. [EaterWire]

TELEVISION—Out with the old, in with the new for Food Network and Giada, who gets another show: "Giada is poised to broaden her fan base even further with Giada At Home! In each episode of this premiere series, Giada adds her signature taste and elegance to everything from a beach party with friends to a romantic dinner for two. In ways that are stylish yet affordable, she creates scrumptious meals, exquisite table settings and inventive menus to help viewers find their own every cooking style." [Food Network]

NATIONWIDE—Today from 4pm to 8pm, Häagen-Dazs will be giving out free samples of its newest flavor: Vanilla Bee Honey Ice Cream. And if you're up on the honeybee scene, you'll know that the ice cream company is donating proceeds to honey bee decline research. Find a participating store here. [Epi Log via Eater LA]