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Plywood Update: Kasa Will Be a Rockin' Indian Taqueria

The Castro: It's been since January since we've checked in with Kasa Indian Eatery, the new project moving into the old La Castro Taqueria space on the corner of 18th and Noe. Not only does a Craigslist ad suggest that they have begun staffing, but it also sheds some light on the operation:

"This isn't your typical Indian restaurant -- expect a rocking taqueria-style vibe and fanatical devotion to high quality ingredients and scratch cooking in our extensively renovated space with an entirely new kitchen."

They are looking for cooks with taqueria experience, and despite the current state of multiple rock piles, are hoping to open within the month. For more teases, the website is up and running, and it looks like the menu is simple one: only six dishes (chicken tikka, lamb curry, etc.) are available as either kati rolls or deconstructed kati rolls. Dare we say that we almost understand the taqueria comparison?
· Kasa Indian Eatery [Official Site]
· Kasa Indian Eatery is now hiring! (castro / upper market) [Craigslist]