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The Shutter: Les Amis, Los Socios, Zain's

All restaurant and bar closings are documented in The Shutter. Notice a place that has recently closed its doors? Kindly send along your sightings.

1) Financial District: Coming off a December Chron review that actually pointed out how eerily empty the place was, Les Amis has finally given up, as April (and March, and February) no-shows brought May shutterings on Sacramento Street. For a restaurant that pretty much produced zero buzz in its two years, its closing was fittingly under the radar as well. Sources say that the Les Amis ownership team, which also runs nearby Plouf and Belden Place (among others), will be selling the space. [ShutterWire]

2) Bonus Financial District: Speaking of the FiDi, a tipster from up the street brings news of more action just up the block: "Los Socios ... has been closed since last week, on Thursday they had a sign saying they are closed due to an 'emergency' and now they are saying due to a 'gas leak' until further notice. I guess on the heels of El Balazo last week a suddenly-shuttered taqueria just makes me wonder." According to the taqueria, the leak has been fixed, but city inspectors have to OK the repairs, and no one has any idea when they will show up. [ShutterWire]

3) The Mission: Quoth a Missionite: "I noticed last week that Zain's, a smallish Mediterranean place on 24th near Valencia, is closed down and there's construction going on inside. Looks like a complete remodel." More intel: the phone is disconnected and the facade is papered up. Anyone know anything? [ShutterWire]