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Two is a Trend: Back Alley Coffee Sweeps City

Cento on the left; Four Barrel on the right.

See what you did, Blue Bottle? With the coffee media spotlight shining more brightly than ever, local vendors are taking the Gourmet Java Wars one step deeper: coffee in obscure back alleys. The progenitor of this movement, of course, is Blue Bottle in Hayes Valley's Linden Alley. More recently, the Mission's Four Barrel continues to create a buzz—and not only amongst local "subversive muralists"—with its kiosk in a dead-end alley out of The Wire, and just yesterday, Cafe Lambretta spinoff Cento started serving up Blue Bottle at 360 Ritch Alley in SoMa. San Francisco loves its counterculture movements, doesn't it?
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Blue Bottle Café

66 Mint Plaza, San Francisco, CA 94103