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Eater Inside: Anchor & Hope

Jennifer Yin, 5/15/08

What you see in the gallery above might be the only time you catch Anchor & Hope empty, so take it all in. Already a member of the "5:30 or 10?" resy club, the East Coast-style seafood shack is the third restaurant by Doug Washington and the Brothers Rosenthal, and like Salt House and Town Hall, it's safe to say that the place is livelier (err, louder) than your average restaurant. 80 seats, give or take, are scattered throughout the high-ceilinged space, an auto repair shop in the early 1900s. The ownership trio designed the look themselves, with Washington's wife responsible for the fishy Darwinian mural above the 35-foot zinc bar. Sarah Schaffer, formerly of Frisson, is in the kitchen, putting her twists on lobster rolls, bacon-wrapped oysters, fancy clams and the like. Further reading on Anchor & Hope can be enjoyed in the Eater Archives.