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EaterWire: 15 Romolo Rumors (Almost) Confirmed, Weekend Opening For La Vinoteca

NORTH BEACH—When it comes to the rumors regarding Jennifer Biesty of Coco500 and Top Chef fame getting involved in the 15 Romolo project, we're about ready to upgrade them to 99% confirmed. The most recent intel comes from a very, very well-placed source and says it's pretty much a done deal that Jen—whose time Coco500 is quickly winding down—will be consulting on the bar menu for 15 Romolo. [EaterWire]

COW HOLLOW—Don't look now, but according to Luisa Hanson (so obviously take it as you will), this weekend will see a debut of La Vinoteca, the wine bar adventure that has been hovering over the Union Street space for some time now. That's right: the plan is to open straight into the weekend rush, sans soft opening, on what could very well be the busiest dining out weekend of the year. This could be fun. UPDATE: Not open over the weekend. [EaterWire]

[Photo: Flickr/aynne]


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