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PierWatch: A Date, Designer and Pleasure Boats For Lafitte

The Embarcadero: Yesterday featured a little sneak peek at Lafitte, and now more details continue to spill out regarding Russell Jackson's upcoming restaurant on Pier Five. The space—2,100 square feet inside and another 1,300 square feet outside—will be designed by architect: Michael Guthrie, who is responsible for designs at Myth, Tra Vigne and Bix, among others. Even more, ahem, provocative are the bayside amenities: "Pleasure boats will eventually be able to pull up to Pier Five where the restaurant will be located." Pleasure's initial due date: winter 2008.
· PierWatch: Taking an Early Look at Pier Five's Lafitte [~ESF~]


436 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94105