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Plywood Report: Toast 2.0, Perry's, Room 4 and MORE!

Welcome back to the Plywood Report, your regular, all-encompassing chronicle of the next generation of restaurants and bars to grace our fair, overheated city. Spot some fresh ply in your nabe? You know what to do. Bonus points if you include photos.

1) Noe Valley: While Henry's Hunan has yet to move into Pescheria and the Vietnamese restaurant at Church/25th gets covered up, we should mention that Toast 2.0 unveiled a shiny new facade a while back. It's a far cry from the flat sea foam green of Herb's, but that era, like so many others, has sadly ended. Current ETA: T-minus a month. [PLYWOOD]

2) The Embarcadero: Down on Steuart Street's Hotel Griffon, Faz has completely moved out and work has begun for the new, relocated Perry's. They've even announced their arrival to the block, promising a "lively bar" and saying that Perry's on the Embarcadero will be open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even hotel room service. Last we heard, it's still on track for a summer opening. [PLYWOOD]

3) The Mission: Here's a bit of mystery plywood for all you Missionites (and possibly Google experts). From a hipster tipster comes word of logo magic and newspapered windows at 904 Valencia, near 20th in the old gallery space. The business name: Room 4. Another gallery? Restaurant? Coffee shop? Nothing related? [PLYWOOD]

4) Tenderloin: Also off the plywood hotline: "I was driving up Larkin Street in Little Saigon or whatev you want to call it and noticed that there's going to be another Quickly. I thought froyo took over. Isn't Quickly's reign of terror over yet?" We can't wait for the Grand Opening! sign banner that lasts into 2011. [PLYWOOD]

5) Ghirardelli Square: The progress of Marche on the Square continues. Even though it's still a bunch of weeks away, the double-decker market/brasserie combo has received a new, bright primary colors paint job and is taking shape nicely in the old electronics space by the fountain. Is the above shot is the first one to reveal the design of things to come? [PLYWOOD]

6) Ghirardelli Square: Of course we had to pay a visit to the tea salon we mentioned yesterday. Crown and Crumpet is moving into the west side of the main level, near Cellar360. Due date is "summer", the snazzy crown/teapot logo is above (get it??), and the website is not yet up and running. Stay tuned and feel free to insert whatever tea salon jokes you wish. [PLYWOOD]