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Eater Queries: Might Yoshi's Be a Stillbirth?

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Yoshi's, empty at 8pm on a Saturday?

The photo you see here of a rather desolate scene at Yoshi's appeared in the Eater Inbox about a week ago, along with the claim that it was taken at 8pm on a Saturday. Seeing as how the Japanese jazz giant is one of the city's highest profile restaurant/clubs to open in some time (not to mention a trendy one too!), the Eater Investigative Squadron stopped by this weekend to verify reports of the primetime tumbleweed, and sure enough, the lounge was stark empty and the adjacent dining room about half full. Now, plenty of caveats are to be had here (it's a 370-seater after all)—and we should note that the jazz half within is, by most accounts, doing well and pulling in big names—but we have to ask: despite the hype around the mega-project, might the restaurant portion of Yoshi's be (much) less than a hit?
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