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EaterWire AM Edition: Ryan Headed to Mission Beach Cafe

THE MISSION—The BauerBlog brings the news that at the end of June, Top Chef castaway and (as MB puts it) "budding celebrity chef" Ryan Scott—who has been doing his own thing since Myth Cafe folded in March—will be taking on a new position as a chef/partner at Mission Beach Cafe:

It turns out Scott is chums with the cafe's owner-pastry chef Alan Carter, who opened the 40-seat restaurant in January 2007. Until now, the restaurant's savory selection was a collaborative effort by the staff. But Scott says he plans to completely overhaul the menu and "put my stamp on it."

"I want the food to be simple and clean," says Scott, who wants to keep entree prices under $21.

"I'm not trying to break culinary boundaries," continued the chef, who is playing with menu ideas like veal cheeks, sweetbreads, pastas and "really clean soups and salads."
The opportunity should be interesting to behold, to say the least, since it looks like Ryan—who, since his time on television, has not stopped using the word "clean" to describe his food—has both full control and perhaps more importantly, the possibility of a forthcoming Chron review to make or break the place, not to mention his own reputation/budding stardom. Also, no word yet on what the Mission Beach Cafe move means for the budding Ryan Scott 2Go! line.
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Mission Beach Cafe

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