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EaterWire: Gordon Ramsay at Myth Rumors, Morton's Possible Expansion, and a Southern Eatery in Oakland

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JACKSON SQUARE—While everyone awaits news regarding on-the-market Myth, few things are better than a great celebrity chef rumor, and Lady Hopstress has a good one this week: "Here's one big, fat, interesting and completely unconfirmed rumor, but I had to share it: Gordon Ramsay may be looking into the Myth space ... I have also heard rumors involving a dining duo who are much closer to home, but that's all just talk too." All further Myth intel should be sent along to the MythWatch Hotline. [TH]

UNION SQUARE—More rumblings, this time courtesy of Curbed SF, where a commenter says that when/if the earsore Disney store at Powell and Post shutters, the "restaurant next door" will expand into the vacated space. Of course, the restaurant next door is none other than Morton's, which might cast some doubt, but then again, deep pockets are probably needed for a corner spot on Union Square, so maybe the rumor is not so out there after all. [Curbed]

OAKLAND—The Scoop brings word that a fall opening is in the works for Michael LeBlanc's Picán, a new Southern-style restaurant headed for the ground floor of the Broadway Grand complex at 2295 Broadway: "The restaurant will include a bar and lounge, where LeBlanc says he'll feature the largest collection of handmade single-batch bourbons west of the Mississippi, a 130-seat dining room, 44-seat patio and 32-seat private room." [Scoop]


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