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Eater Queries: Who Is This Chef and Where Does He Work?

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The following note appeared in the Eater Inbox from an anonymous, yet well-known local food/restaurant personality who apparently moonlights as a guilt-ridden aficionado of The Bachelorette:

Please don't tell anyone I watch the Bachelorette.

There is a "chef" from San Francisco on it - do we know anything about him?

He did a cheesy thing on the first episode where he whipped her up a Dungeness crab salad in a martini glass ...

At this point, the chef in question is known only as Robert. According to the website, his occupation is a chef, he is 28 years old, and he currently lives and works in San Francisco. So what we want to know is: who is Robert, why wasn't Ryan Scott chosen for this show, and perhaps most importantly, at what restaurant does this Robert fellow work? Our early attempts at internet sleuthing have come up blank, so we're turning it over to you.

Please pass along your whatever information you may have regarding San Francisco's chef-romancer-man Robert in the comments or straight to the tipline.