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EaterWire: John's Ocean Beach Cafe Faces Demolition, Bar News at Cyrus and More!

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WAY OUTER SUNSET—One of the items on the agenda for tomorrow's Planning Commission meeting involves the possible demolition of John's Ocean Beach Cafe, the old school diner on Sloat Boulevard, just a stone's throw from the Great Highway and the zoo. In its place would be "three new mixed-use, five-story, 60-foot-tall buildings" and an open-air market. The preliminary recommendation is approval, which doesn't bode well for the yesteryear's diner. [EaterWire]

HEALDSBURG—Camper English has some updates on Scott Beattie, the big-name bartender at Cyrus: "He had big news to share- as of last weekend, he's no longer working behind the bar there. He'll still be running the show, though, so your drinks will be just as tasty as ever. So from now on, he'll be a backseat muddler." [Alcademics]

CITY-WIDE—From the department of silly promotions (sidenote: is it just us or has there been a free giveaway weekly in the last month?), consider this a reminder that for today only, Baskin-Robbins is giving out free soft serve to pregnant people (err women), because it's "Bumpday." No word on how or if Baskin-Robbins employees will test for pregnancy veracity. Shudder. [BR via Eater]

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