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The Shutter: Wunder Brew Co. Spurs Some Wondering

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Inner Sunset: Until we hear any further news, we're going to go ahead and declare Wunder Brewing Company dead in the water. Since taking over the Eldo's Brewery operation in the fall, Wunder has been forced to keep often-sporadic hours (so much so that it had to leave special signs indicating that it would, in fact, be open on St. Patrick's Day), and now the microbrewery has been closed for at least a week. We've heard rumblings before of a tough lease for that prime Ninth/Irving space, so only time will tell if the shuttering is temporary or permanent, though a nervous note on the website says that it will return "hopefully later in June!" More ominous news: the phone is disconnected, which never a good sign, especially for a reputed "remodel." Stay tuned ...