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EaterWire: Limon Updates, Denny's Promotions, More!

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THE MISSION—Earlier today, we reported that Limon, following a fire in its Valencia Street building, was hoping to be open in time for dinner service, and checking back in, we have confirmation that yes, all systems are go for dinnertime tonight. [EaterWire, previously]

SAN FRANCISCO—From the Adventures in Promotions Dept.: this weekend, Denny's is launching a new late-night program with servers in jeans, alternative rock bands and special late night menus: "'For Denny's it's a no-brainer: 47% of its late-night customers are under 24. Two of three aren't coming from work, but from spots like night clubs or bowling alleys. A trip to Denny's is to continue the party...'There's a time when Denny's was cool, and we can get back there,' CEO Nelson Marchioli says." No word yet on how Denny's-turned-Danny's in Japantown will respond to this plot twist. [USA Today via Eater LA]

MARKETPLACES— Epicurious has launched a launched their Peak-Season Map, which is exactly what it sounds like: an "interactive map to see what's fresh in your area, plus find ingredient descriptions, shopping guides, recipes, and tips." Another way to tell what's fresh in your local farmers markets: look at the farmers markets. [Epicurious]

SAN FRANCISCO— And the lists go on and on. This one, from Men's Health, points out the country's best regional food. San Francisco apparently has the Mission burritos and fortune cookies (??). Napa has the best Napa cabernet. Where do they come up with this stuff, really? [Men's Health via Eater]


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