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Plywood Report: Shabu Shabu on Judah, Buck Tavern, Swirl Culture and So Much More!

Welcome back to the Plywood Report, your regular, all-encompassing chronicle of the next generation of restaurants and bars to grace our fair city. Spot something new on your block? The tip line awaits. Bonus points if you include photos.

1) The Sunset: More noodle houses are on the way, and the corner of Judah and 32nd, the use of a seventh exclamation point means that the latest entry is going to be better than the rest. The as-yet unnamed restaurant will focus on hot pots, in the form of shabu shabu. Opening is set for late June or July, though they're hoping to open at least by the Fourth of July. [PLYWOOD]

2) Hayes Valley: We've mentioned Buck Tavern several times before, but now new signage is up, so it looks like things are getting close for the new bar directly across Market Street from Zuni. You'll recall it's from the same owners as the Gallery Lounge and DaDa, but won't follow the artsy vibe. It's a tavern, after all. Buck Tavern! [PLYWOOD]

3) North Beach: Even though Swirl Culture—known as Honeydoo, once upon a time—was aiming for a debut this month, it doesn't look like a May opening is in the cards. As seen above, the space is still under construction, not yet close to finishing work. [PLYWOOD]

4) Hayes Valley: Our second favorite plywood shot of the week—the exclamation marks took the top prize, natch—comes courtesy of the new mystery inhabitant of 201 Octavia (next to J's Pots of Soul), which promises an opening "soon-ish" and even better, handwrites an emoticon smileyface, not realizing that smileys can be crafted in the normal manner with writing utensils. [PLYWOOD]

5) The Sunset: And we cap off Sunset-heavy news week with one more tidbit from the fog-filled outskirts of town (we kid): there's fresh signage at 1936 Irving between 21st and 22nd, where another location of PPQ was originally slated to go. It looks like PPQ has since renegged on the move, and King Wonton & Noodle is moving in. The interior is a mess—untiled floors, etc.—so it's hard to gauge how far off it is. [PLYWOOD]