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Haighters: Not Everyone Embracing the New Magnolia

The Haight: Last night, Magnolia reopened for business under its new gastropub moniker. As mentioned before, Magnolia received a facelift both in the kitchen and in the dining room (including the removal of the iconic Dead mural, pictured). The Yin has been dispatched for an Eater Inside look at the new digs and the Bunrab folks have already stopped by the place for initial peek, but not everyone is embracing the new Magnolia. In fact, some local Haight people are rather angry about it:

Just in case you were wondering whether the Haight could get any more 'yuppie-fied,' the answer is yes. Jon Weiss' wonderful Grateful Dead mural in Magnolia Pub and Brew has been painted over with a tacky, 1990s era faux gold finish. It now looks like something from Sacramento St circa 1992.

More testimony/rumors/opinions from the HA Beat:

They also laid off some of their oldest employees before the so-called renovation and refused to rehire them afterwards. This will remove them from my walking tour except as a passing era in the storied history of that building but I won't be eating there or recommending them to my tourists again.
And the tragic divide between yuppies and walking tour guides continue to grow. Jerry Garcia would not approve of any of this. Peace-love-Haight, people.
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