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EaterWire: Overhaul at Fly Trap, Dark Dining Arrives

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2008_05_flytrap.jpgSOMAHoss Zare, once of Zare on Sacramento Street and more recently of Napa's Zare Bistro, is the new owner/chef of Fly Trap, and will give the oldie a new spin, including (what else?) a communal table. From Lady Hopstress: "Zaré is planning to close the Fly Trap for a week in late July for some cleaning and small changes to the space—the piano is being removed to make room for a communal table in the bar area, making it more lounge-like, and just so you're not totally shocked, the tablecloths will be departing." [Tablehopper]

HAYES VALLEY—We mentioned rumblings of dark dining a month or so ago (with messy video!), and now Thrillist brings word of its official arrival in the Crimson Lounge (below Indigo) on McAllister: "Opaque officially opens June 19, but they'll be letting in friends and family starting on the 5th." More info on dark dining ops at Opaque's site. [Thrillist]

NAPA—The culinary stars will be out in full force for a benefit dinner celebrating Robert Mondavi next month at Copia in Napa. "The dinner, which will be cooked by [Charlie] Trotter, Alice Waters, Julian Serrano, Gary Danko and Jean-Georges Vongerichten, is a lot in the famed Auction Napa Valley (bidding is still open if you have the $10,000 per seat)." [The Stew]

CIVIC CENTER—There are few sure things in the world, but when Alice Waters and Gavin Newsom meet for their discussion next week, we're almost certain that this will come up: "A vegetable garden may be planted in front of City Hall, featuring locally grown products such as beets, collards and Asian greens. The quarter-acre plot would be made in the mold of a modern-day victory garden — a community-based agricultural program backed by the government during World War II as a way to improve morale and increase domestic production." [SFE]

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