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East Bay Dispatch: Sea Salt to Open Falanghina Next Door

Berkeley: A new project is in the works for the Krikorians, owners of five big-name East Bay restaurants, including the uber-successful T-Rex BBQ and Sea Salt. Their next restaurant will be called Falanghina, and will be a Southern Italian trattoria directly next door to Sea Salt in the two vacant storefronts at 2514-2516 San Pablo Avenue. A very thorough description of Falanghina can be had in the proposals on the Berkeley city site, but for your afternoon viewing convenience, we've sifted through the documents. Here, then, are some of the highlights:

1) Quick Description: a classic Italian trattoria with a wood-fired pizza oven (an open pizza kitchen and oven will be installed), and "a menu of artisan pizza, pasta dishes and a variety of antipasti." Neopolitan is the regional focus.

2) Size: About 1600 square feet, with ten seats at the full-service bar, a 15 tables in the seating area and a special booth near the front door. Also involved: a retail shop with "specialty food products, wine and specialty alcoholic beverages."

3) The Concept, as described by Haig Krikorian: "A casual place to meet a friend or family for food and drink."

4) Hours: 11am to 11pm, daily

5) Design: The facelift would keep many of the original elements of the 80-year-old building: "an old world feel", original brick walls, wooden posts and beams all exposed.

[Image courtesy: City of Berkeley]