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EaterWire Midday Edition: Marisa Churchill Out at Yoshi's

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THE FILLMORE—More big news from the weekend that was: opening pastry chef, celebrity chef/personality and Top Chef alumna Marisa Churchill is no longer employed at Yoshi's. At this point, the "who left who" is still unclear, and no official reason has been given yet for Churchill's departure, as some other Yoshi's employees were just told the news yesterday. Last we heard, Churchill (who has also worked at Ame and LuLu) was doing some consulting at Pampas, opened last month. Though we're not quite sure what this move says about the current state of the restaurant at Yoshi's—which according to conflicting reports, may or may not be floundering—at the very least, it has lost some of its star power, and possibly that whiskey-donuts dish. [EaterWire]

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