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Possible BLOCKBUSTERS: Quince to Move, Buy Myth?

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Over the long weekend, two separate sources tipped us off to a deal that involves Quince buying Myth. Though it should be noted that we're still awaiting confirmation from the involved parties, according to reports/rumors, the Quince folks will buy the Myth building (and adjacent cafe), are currently looking for investors, and if all goes to plan, the current Pac Heights location would shutter. In addition to the cafe, there would be two dining concepts in the new space: one with more casual food and one following the current Quince menu style. Again, nothing has been confirmed at this point and it's unclear how far along said deal is (if at all), but suffice to say, this would be an interesting plot twist to a Myth tale that has seen cameos by everyone from Gordon Ramsay to Ron Siegel. Story developing...
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