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EaterWire: New Sushi at Pier 39, Sentinel Updates, More!

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FISHERMAN'S WHARF—Seen above, the restaurant space with a pretty vista of the bay will soon be home to a Japanese restaurant called Mad Fish. It's billing itself as a "sushi bar and teppanyaki." The good news is the actual space—next to Neptune Palace at the end of Pier 39—is an airy one, with a special view. The bad news is that for locals, it's in a tourist wasteland, and for the Middle Americans, sushi doesn't play well. Then again, the ad posters look suspiciously like Benihana...which is probably more bad news. [EaterWire]

FIDI/SOMA—A tipster writes in with another update from The Sentinel front: "I overheard Dennis Leary talking about the future of Sentinel and he said that he'll expand the menu after this trial run and we should expect more savory items in the next two weeks or so." Related: how was the scene down on New Montgomery today? Feel free to send along reports. [EaterWire Inbox]

HAYES VALLEY—We've been hearing rumors of Octavia Lounge being on the block for some weeks now, and this Craigslist ad would seem to confirm that the Market Street music spot and brunch fave is looking for buyers. The location, close to Hayes Valley, the Castro and Lower Haight, is decent (complete with "an attractive floor plan"!) and if bottomless drinks can't keep you in business, what can? No word on why the current owners are trying to get out. [Craigslist]