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2008_05_cereality.jpgA hokey cereal restaurant and collegetown fave called Cereality has opened in Santa Cruz, but some self-righteous folk are pissed because of a) its "extortionist markups" and b) this little cafe is destroying America's amber waves of grain: "Have we honestly reached a level so low in our national eating disorder that people will pay for the novelty of eating a bowl of cold cereal ... I guess in these times of economic recession, a $4 'meal' at a restaurant does sound like a good bargain, but when you factor in the additional costs to our health, the environment, and the survivability of family farmers, it's a total rip-off. I don't mean to crucify the founders of Cereality. I doubt this idea was born from a desire to destroy the planet or give everyone diabetes." File under: right war, wrong battle. Oh, hippies. [Ethicurean]