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SF Weekly Releases "Best Of" Issue, Honors Everyone

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The annual SF Weekly "Best Of" issue was released this morning, and as always, the Food and Drink Awards are a fun time, to say the least. Seeing as how there are 50 categories for the Readers' Poll and even more for the editorial picks (we lost count somewhere around 67), the better part of our morning has been spent reading the entire thing and trying to determine which restaurants didn't get a mention somewhere, so here are some of the more notable/puzzling/provoking highlights:

· Best Restaurant (Readers' Poll): Sauce
· Best Frozen Yogurt Place (Readers' Poll): Jubili
· Best Italian Restaurant (Readers' Poll): Pasta Pomodoro [Ed. note: Really, San Francisco?]
· Best Pizza: Arinell Pizza
· Best Iraqi Restaurant: Baghdad Nights
· Best Weird Cocktail: Argus Lounge's JonBenét Ramsey, complete with "crushed cherry"
· Best North Beach Restaurant: Cafe Divine
· Best Fancy Desserts (Tie): Farina/Yoshi's

The entire lists are over at the official site, with a few new places to put on the itinerary and—as is the fun with most local awards like this—there is plenty to agree and disagree with. That is, if you can get through the entire thing before the end of the work day.
· Best Of - Food & Drink (2008) [SFW]
· Readers' Poll Winners (2008) [SFW]