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Gross Out Fridays

2008_05_HSG.jpgTake it as you will, but it looks like old people and children have been getting some frights over at HSG lately: "They say there's no such thing as a 'free lunch,' but that's what a trio of old bitties had a few weeks ago at The Hayes Street Grill. My friend likes to go to the Thursday matinées at Davies Symphony Hall and she and a couple of her cronies went for lunch. Everything was fine until, as Beryl reports, her friend got up 'to powder her nose before we ambled over to the Symphony Hall. Suddenly a rat or mouse scampered out from under the chair and up the wall!' The kid and his mom and the neighboring table were in shock, too. Might have had their lunch comped, as well. Miss Beryl has not said if and when they'll return to the scene of the crime." [Eater Inbox, previously]