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The Shutter: Andale, Yum Yum House

All closure notices arrive via The Shutter. Please report all failures to

1) The Marina: Those planning on reveling in Cinco de Mayo festivities tonight should note that Andale on Chestnut Street shuttered over the weekend. A note on the storefront says that they have "moved" to other, already-open locations. The space is up for lease, and kegs are lining the sidewalk patio. [ShutterWire Inbox]

2) The Mission: A crafty switcheroo is afoot in the Mission. From the inbox: "Yum Yum House on Valencia & 17th is no longer there. There a sign on the door that they've moved to [3170] 16th Street, but I heard a rumor they were shut down due to health violations." Interestingly enough, 3170 16th Street is the current location of Big Lantern, but it will not close, according to sources. Rather, the old Yum Yum House phone number has been rerouted to Big Lantern (same owner), and Big Lantern is answering to both names in the old two-in-one trick. [ShutterWire Inbox]