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Good News/Bad News: Chez Papa

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Already open over a month now, Mint Plaza's Chez Papa is in full swing. Brunch has arrived on the weekends, and mainstream critics are probably starting to frequent Jocelyn Bulow's sequel to the Potrero Hill bistro. Even though the outdoor seating area remains a work in progress, the internet buzz has been largely positive, if a bit lacking, for Minty's Chez Papa:

Good News: "I've been there twice. First time, we went in for drinks and apps before a show, then went back post-show to share the cheese plate and dessert wine. Highly recommended on both counts. The cheese plate is a good size and cheese in peak condition. Lovely ambiance at night. My husband went back with a work crowd for an early business dinner the following week and took over the large communal table. Everyone loved it. I think I prefer it to the original - at night anyway." [Chowhound]

Bad News: "I made online reservations for brunch, 10:30am. The day before, I got a call from the restaurant apologizing that they wouldn’t open until 11 and asking if I'd be okay pushing my slot ... I can safely say this is no place for brunch. The ambience, the staff and the menu are not cut for a morning call. Everything is dazed and confused. Feels like a nightclub with morning hangover." [No Salad]

So-So News: "I just had a brunch with my friend here. They said today was the first day serving full brunch! ... We also loved our cheese plate with walnut bread & fig jam. Excellent too. However, I wished that we had more choices of hard cheese than soft. Nice interior, little expensive. It's not exactly neighborhood, comfortable place, but good place to bring visitors or clients." [Yelp]

Better, Overbearing Service News: "Chez Papa Resto in the Mint Plaza is a bistro, a surprisingly good one. A lovely place to entertain friends (and be entertained) ... The server recommended lavender creme brulee, vanilla sablet, which was all right. The flavor wasn't too sharp. Because the dessert arrived late (I hardly noticed) they comped it! Then they brought us glasses of muscat, gratuit... They were almost TOO nice, I guess it was the opening week. The bottom line. Food here is actually worth it." [Chowhound]

Good News, Incoherent Yelp Style: Water always filled up and drinks continue to flow. My favorite plates - the Crab Salad - WOW - so fresh and the sauce is amazing. Muscles were good and the mariniere is on par with Plouf. The main course I got was the Lamb. Now - I don't eat lamb that much but figured why not try it. The sauce was great - not too heavy but very flavorfull. Someone else ordered the halibut and loved it as well - very cool looking sauce on that too (looked like crushed ice, though it wasn't)." [Yelp]
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Chez Papa

1401 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94107 (415) 824-8205