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EaterWire: Ferry Building Gets Boccalone, Tipsy

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FERRY BUILDINGBoccalone, Chris Cosentino's little side project of artisanal salumi and other tasty salted pig parts, continues to grow quickly. From the Inside Scoop: "Boccalone Salumeria, the artisanal salami business from Incanto's Chris Cosentino and Mark Pastore, will get its first retail spot when it opens in San Francisco's Ferry Building Marketplace this summer. Pastore and Cosentino signed the lease Tuesday to take over the corner spot (No. 21) currently occupied by Capay Organic ... The sliced-to-order salumi (including the previously unavailable prosciutto) will be available individually, as part of a platter assortment or in walk-away paper cones." [Scoop]

FERRY BUILDING—Things that don't happen outside the Bay Area: CUESA, of all organizations, is hosting a Farmers Market cocktail show: "[A] tasting that will be held on Wednesday, May 14 at the Ferry Building in participation with San Francisco Cocktail Week. The Farmers Market Cocktail Demonstration will feature cocktails using seasonal farmers market ingredients and will have a star line-up of great bartenders from around the city." [BAB]

BERKELEY—More burgers are on the way on Shattuck Avenue: " the corner of Shattuck and Ashby, Cafe Sole has closed. A sign in the window says that Rocky's Burgers and Cheese Steaks is coming soon. Meanwhile, the downtown Oakland Rocky's was replaced a couple of months ago by Jo's Burgers, which has kept a similar menu." Sidenote: elsewhere in the article, it says that Pampas is causing a "rumpus" in Palo Alto. Make a note of it. [CCT]

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