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EaterWire: ETA For Urban Tavern, Drinks on Denton

UNION SQUARE—Flying under the radar lately is Urban Tavern, Donna Scala's upcoming restaurant within the friendly confines of the Hilton on O'Farrell Street. Background reading on the $13 million, 240-seat gastropub can be had here, and a possible interior rendering (pictured, right) is available on we believe to be the future online home of the restaurant. As of today, Urban Tavern is slated to open in three weeks' time, with the moving target date being May 29th. [EaterWire]

FOOD TELEVISION—More proof that all your dreams can't necessarily be achieved by winning a reality show, as Food Network shan't be continuing at least one more show next season: "Amy Finley--season 3 winner of The Next Food Network Star--has finally come forth and said that there will be no more new episodes of her show, The Gourmet Next Door. 'I will not be back for another season. The producers offered me more shows, but with my family I decided it was time to move on to other projects,' writes Amy." We didn't even know her show had already started. [FNA]

UNION SQUARE—Next week is Cocktail Week in San Francisco, and as a sharp-eyed tipster points out, the day has finally arrived when Harry Denton's Starlight Room will be giving away free drinks. As part of the, ahem, opening ceremonies at the Starlight Room next Tuesday, there's complimentary booze. Other events on the schedule include a "literary discussion of all things spirit related" and cocktail dinners at restaurants like Conduit, Orson, etc. [Official Site, via SFCitizen]

SAN FRANCISCO—There have been plenty of movements to eradicate chain fast food—and froyo—from the city, but now there's a petition to get Wendy's back in town: "The chain over on Market Street closed shop a little around the time chili-gate happened ... And now people demand a Wendy's back in SF." [SFist]