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Adventures in Shilling: Cottage Eatery, Uva, Sens, More!

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Join us for another edition of Adventures in Shilling, wherein we celebrate the grossest shills from around the world wide web. As always, you too can help fight shills.

2008_05_cottage.jpgTruth be told, we can't help but admire the effortless and vigilant—albeit also feeble—efforts of "sneaky" shillers to continually hype up their beloved restaurants. Let's get the party started with an overly enthusiastic Chowhound post (edited for length) suspiciously titled "Cottage Eatery, Tiburon...Wow!":

We have a new Gem in the county!

Stopped by Fri. night to this new, unpretentious, un-touristy local. It's on Main St. but around the corner and down the street from the waterside restaurants we are most familiar with. It is a "cottage" which I guess has had many incarnations ... You can tell there's an attention to detail in the planning. The staff was friendly and very helpful. It's always great when they are excited about the menu items ... we eventually could not decide between many menu items.
Shill Probability: 24%

Probably not a pure shill, but certainly an all-out rave of shill proportions. But have no fear, there are more blatant shills to be had.

We couldn't say why, but this nameless reviewer's take on Noe Valley's Tamasei Sushi brought a smile to our face:

So happy this place changed owners a year or two ago. What an improvement. It used to be 2 stars, and without a doubt deserves 5 stars. Have ordered everything on the menu AND it all melts like butter on your tongue. There is a reason you encounter wacky older japanese men that travel from marin and the east bay just to come here... it's because it is that damn good. Just trust the funky chefs to order for you. You seriously can not go wrong!
Fab Happy Hour Specials to Boot :)
Shill Probability: 68%

You know you're being a little too blatant in your shillage when another commenter calls you out:
We were lucky enough to be able to go to both of the test nights. You would never know that it was a test. The food was great and I love the family style of service. Since it was a test night we did not know what would be coming to the table but I know what I would go back for. We loved the Joey and Eddies Salad, crispy lettuce with Salami slivers, pepporcini's, cheese and roasted peppers. Then the stuffed artichoke just as I remember as a kid, delicious. Joseph make the best meatballs so the pasta with meatballs is a must as it the Liguini with clams, so fresh an made right. Also try the baked clams with the great juices to mop up with bread.
There are probably many other dishes that will be on the regular menu but what we tried made us think about who to bring back.
Shill Probability, since there's a modicum of disclosure: 75%
Brand new Yelpers responding, debating and/or correcting criticisms in five-star reviews brand new restaurants like Uva often waves a flag or six:
This place is obviously still working out the kinks with the early crowds, but it's a great addition to the neighborhood and with a little patience you'll have a wonderful meal here...

As a gluten-intolerant person myself, I find it bizarre that one of the first reviewers here gave this place one star because "everything had bread on it, and as a person who is gluten intolerant, this was a major bummer." One, that's not remotely true: I could eat every antipasto, especially the meat and cheese which is their specialty and what we came for. Two, why would a gluten intolerant person go out for Italian meat and cheese place and expect to find extensive entrees to eat? Pasta: no. Pizza: no. Panini: no. (It's also funny that the review right after that one gives one star and complains that "there was no bread or pasta on the menu." Also completely untrue).
Shill Probability: 81%

Capping off this edition of Adventures in Shilling is a dandy the comments and one "Aunt Remus":

Comment #11 hit the nail on the head.... all that truly matters is what the guest thinks and after all that is the industry folks..... hospitality! With that said, happy employees make happy customers and since the fabled management team has left there has been nothing but sunshine! Honestly, who cares who they are, where they came from & where they're going especially when it is painfully obvious that all this SF Eater buzz has been generated by none other than the cowards themselves.
Shill Probability: 97%
Valiant efforts by all, but better luck next time.
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