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Bonus Week in Reviews

Seeing as how it was one of six Bay Area restaurants to nab two Michelin stars but since lost the man who got them (Christopher Kostow) to another two-star, Mountain View's Chez TJ should be the subject of plenty of intrigue as Bruno Chemel settles in. Metroactive kicks off the review parade. The good: "Chemel has some serious chops and he aims to keep those two stars ... He's definitely swinging for the fences at Chez TJ. While I found some dishes too spare and cerebral, Chez TJ remains an exciting place to eat under Chemel." The bad: "Service at Chez TJ is precise and efficient, but it left me cold. I don't expect a song and dance, but when you drop the kind of money you do at Chez TJ a little warmth and personality would be nice." [Metroactive]