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Adventures in Advertising

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2008_05_taquerias.jpgOversensitive taqueria owners are pissed off at Comcast SportsNet's ubiquitous ad campaign, because of the proximity to their businesses: "More problematically, some of the ads state, 'I don't know where a good burrito is, but I know where the A's are' — and at least a couple of these are located close to Mexican restaurants. 'I'm very disappointed,' says Rico Gerardo, owner of the Taqueria Cancun chain. 'I want to complain. I want to talk to my lawyer.' His Sixth and Market restaurant is just a hop, a skip, and a jump from one of the Comcast ads. 'They should put up that ad where there's no Mexican food,' he grouses, 'not near a taqueria.'" Because that is what is deterring customers to a chain taqueria on Sixth and Market. [SFW]