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In Case You Were Wondering About Tavern on the Green's Intended Audience

Since the big announcement on Tuesday, we haven't really said much about the Tavern on the Green's impending invasion of the Metreon, mostly because a) the idea of a Tavern on the Cineplex is still sinking in, b) a due date of summer '09—one that could easily lead into 2010—is a long time away, and c) we're not mechanical bull aficionados, so we can't remember the last time we actually stepped foot inside the Metreon. Thus, we stopped by the other day and to our delight, found a small army of signs begging for private events. The above gallery is just a small sample of the deluge at work, but the message is clear: no matter what kind of facelift goes down at the Metreon over the next year or so, Moscone convention-goers will be a key part of the equation. More on the current state of Metreon affairs on tap for tomorrow.
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