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Tavern on the Cineplex: Metreon's Current State of Affairs

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As promised, since we have a feeling that many of you haven't eaten—or perhaps even set foot—in the Metreon for some time, here is our photo tour of the current state of affairs at the Metreon as 1999 knew it. Keep in mind that the implication is that by the time Tavern on the Green arrives, The Powers That Be want the entire place to be re-tenanted and remodeled. This is surely a good thing because frankly, the place right now is a sad, sad sight: a chain-filled food court, countless abandoned retail spaces, a norovirus outbreak, the shitshow called Jillian's, a few lost convention-goers wandering about, more than a few crickets and those signs. In other words, it's hard to picture the glamorous chandeliers of an iconic Tavern on the Green spinoff next to posters for Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay. More color in the photo captions above.
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