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Rumormongering: Heights to Become a Nightclub?

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We're still waiting official word on the future of 2080 Van Ness, but the word on the street is that (The?) Heights will be putting a strong emphasis on evening revelry, with the term "nightclub" being thrown about by the folks taking over Hue L'Amour. Construction is currently in full swing, both inside and out, and last we heard, they were aiming for a May debut (grain, salt).

Now, it's unclear if "nightclub" is an archaic term for an upscale bar/lounge or what, but ditching a restaurant-centric idea for a nightlife one might be for the best, seeing as how the following concepts (among others) have all tried and failed there: Italian, French, American, Seafood, Spanish, Cuban, Mexican, Vietnamese, Mediterranean, and even a piano bar. There's not much left, is there? But let's turn it over to the masses: what would you like to see go into 2080 Van Ness? Is a nightclub welcome?
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