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IMterview: Ryan Scott Fever Sweeps Mission Beach Cafe

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Technically speaking, Myth Cafe vet and Top Chef alum Ryan Scott won't be taking over the kitchen at Mission Beach Cafe until June 23, but an Eater correspondent brings word that he's in the kitchen already, and the Scott Era is well underway on 14th and Guerrero:

MissionDweller: My friend and I popped into MBC on Friday night for drinks and apps— early evening sitting.
eaterSFhq: Nice. How was it?
MissionDweller: Wine was good-- modest list. Friend's pasta was rather bland. My salad was lovely. Brunch, I fully endorse. Great coffee, pastries to kill for.
eaterSFhq: Naturally.
MissionDweller: But the best part--
MissionDweller: M'd came to our table within 5 minutes after sitting down and started totally bubbling over about Ryan.
MissionDweller: He asked us, unprompted mind you, if we saw that "Ryan is here," assuming we knew who he was.

MissionDweller: as if Ryan were Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or something
eaterSFhq: So you're saying a) Ryan's there already? and b) he's not?
MissionDweller: Yup, he's already in-house for a "transitional" moment— releasing a new dish each day, although "everything already has a certain Ryan touch already" per the M'd.
MissionDweller: The real kicker, however, was Ryan himself.
MissionDweller: Too much hair gel, acid-washed jeans, black rubber bracelets.
eaterSFhq: Ryan made the rounds in the dining room?
MissionDweller: Big time.
MissionDweller: He was parading about, ladies swooned, he was jumping from table to table, hugging people, pausing for photos, flashbulbs popping... It was a quasi shitshow for those not swooning.
eaterSFhq: Well it looks like we have a celebrity restaurant on our hands.


eaterSFhq: But your salad was good?
MissionDweller: Sigh. Yes.

· EaterWire AM Edition: Ryan Headed to Mission Beach Cafe [~ESF~]

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