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PJ's Oysterbed Old Seafood, Day 15: Enter the Giant Rats!

The Sunset: We didn't think it possible, but somehow, the rotting crabs and oysters left behind by PJ's Oysterbed are still there, a solid fortnight after the place shuttered. It's a very, very unfortunate situation. The stench remains pungent as ever, the mail is on the floor and flies are swarming, but the grossest new development: that furry critter you see above is just one of the many massive rats scurrying around. At around 8pm last night, several rats were atop the bar, and a few more were neck-deep in Dungeness delight. We're thinking a steady diet of oysters has ballooned this fella to upwards of ten pounds, begging the question of how this is actually allowed to happen. Regardless, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up to see the vermin circus, after dark on Irving!
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