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Eater Book Club: More Details on Keller's Next Book

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A few months back, it came out that Thomas Keller, hallowed saint of the American dining landscape, would be improving our lives once again with another cookbook. At the time, no details were known, but its title—Under Pressure—led many to speculate that it was Keller's long-awaited sous vide manifesto. And now, the Amazon page has been updated to confirm those rumblings. Cue the voiceover voice for the product description:

A revolution in cooking. A new era in gastronomy: sous vide is nothing more than cooking food in plastic bags in water at low temperatures--but the results are extraordinary ... Through years of trial and error, Keller and his chefs de cuisine have blazed the trail to perfection--and they show the way in this collection of never-before-published recipes from his landmark restaurants--The French Laundry in Napa Valley and per se in New York.
More details: it's over 300 pages, the introduction is by renowned food science writer Harold McGee, photography is by Deborah Jones of The French Laundry Cookbook and the due date is October 1st. Pre-ordering is already in full swing; get excited.
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