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PJ's Oysterbed Old Seafood, Day 16: Show's Over, Folks

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The Sunset: It took incriminating photos of brave rats, a few health department complaints, and probably an email or five, but after more than two weeks, the rotting crabs and oysters at PJ's Oysterbed have been removed. At approximately 7pm last night, an unfortunate soul was cleaning up the carcasses, much to the delight of Irving Street passers-by. Nearly everyone—including the dogs—walking down Irving last night took note of PJ's in some way; one man even applauded. Sarcastically, we think.

So what's next? Well, the flies and stench remain (for now) and at this point, things don't look encouraging for a comeback by PJ's, which you'll recall shuttered for reasons unrelated to its public health shortcoming. If the migration of the flies is any indication, the real losers in this tale of woe, however, might very well be Villa Romana directly next door, who cannot be happy to inherit a fearless rat population with a penchant for seafood.
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