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Death To Society: And Now, Top Chef for Children

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Via the Mothership comes word of Bravo's most recent announcement: Top Chef Junior. That's right, now you can subject your child ages 13-16 to the same stress, pervasive camera presence, wacky cooking challenges and self-esteem crushing defeats as their faux-hawked elders. The full press release is over at Eater NY, but here's what we know: the show, currently in development, will tap into the growing teen market and "will teach and test the skills of younger aspiring chefs and appeal to the whole family." We can't help but wonder if it will it be watchable. Check that: will people watch it? Will the kid chefs impress or will it be a flop, ratings-wise? Will there be a villain child? A ringer? So many questions! In any event, stage parents ready and willing to subject their offspring to this should get the audition tapes ready.
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